6 Tips on How to Heal from Separation and Divorce

At the Relationship Help Resort in Arizona we are dedicated to doing all we can to save and heal relationships, but what if you have already separated or divorced? Then what?

A broken heart is similar to a physical wound on your body such as a broken ankle or a serious burn. You would not consider not treating a serious physical wound, because you realize that the wounds could get infected, not heal properly and lead to future health problems. But a broken heart is a very serious wound as well that has emotional, physical and psychological ramifications if not tended to well. But most of us do not know what we should do to help ourselves in the healing process during and after a relationship crisis? Let’s look at six simple steps that can help you heal and grow stronger for your future.

1. Access Where/WHO You Are
To start the process of healing, it is wise to begin with understanding where you are emotionally and psychologically. This is no simple task. ...
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Relationship Help - Entitlement versus Expectation

Let’s contrast entitlement versus expectation. No question there can be entitled expectations, but let’s attempt to tease out some fine points around each. Entitlement is always toxic. It comes with arrogance and pride, selfishness and laziness. Entitlement asks nothing of what is best about each of us. Entitlement is operating under the delusion that you deserve something you have not yet earned, whereas hope and expectation comes is born out of faith and belief.  

Entitlement says, “You owe me. Give me what I want now!”  

Expectation says, “I’m counting on you to keep your promises and commitments. I’m depending on you.”  

Entitled people think they have rights to something just because, therefore entitlement takes advantage of people. I’ve seen people who operate in entitlement use others rather than build relationships. Entitled feelings, thoughts, and perspectives actually tear...

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Is That All the Thanks I Get?

Many couples come to the Relationship Help Resort in distress. Their relationships are sick, and some, nearly dead. They are angry, frustrated, and confused, and they have tried everything they know how to do, but simply don't have the answers they need. The main artery has been cut in the lifeline of their relationship and they can’t seem to stop the bleeding. When I begin my questioning to understand what went wrong I always find that they have stopped giving one another the respect and consideration they each feel they deserve. 

The woman might say, “I work so hard to please my family. I cook, and clean, and care for their needs and no one even says thank you.” 
The husband’s response goes something like this. “Why should we thank her? She is simply doing her job.”

Or the wife comes in complaining that her husband doesn’t do anything around the house. His argument is, “He can never do it to her...

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