12 Ways to Create Lasting Love

I will use the six colors from the artist’s color wheel which is the foundation of the Primary Colors Personality Insight tools to help you understand twelve things, that if you understand them, will help you create long-lasting love.

1. Never take your partner for granted.

This may sound obvious, but you can't imagine how many people don’t choose to learn how to love themselves and their partner better before it’s too late. I always tell people not to wait until things are terrible, or when your partner is done with a relationship and wants to end it. 'No relationship is perfect' shouldn't be used as a rationalization for complacency.  If you are feeling disconnected, that is the time to take a positive step toward each other. People have different tolerances, needs and desires depending on their personality. How much do you understand who you are? How well do you believe you understand your partner? King Solomon tells us that “With all thy getting, get...

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