3 Simple Actions to Help You Overcome the Pain of Divorce

When you feel overwhelmed thinking about the pain of divorce, it can be unbearable.

During this very stressful time it is normal to feel animosity toward your ex, the heartbreak of betrayal, anger of disappointment, fear for your financial future, and concern about your children. These thoughts can trigger physical and emotional pain. You may experience headaches, abdominal pain, digestive upset, and sleeplessness. Your thoughts have power over your body because they activate your hormones.

If you are suffering from the pain of divorce, consult with a physician. If you feel your pain is predominantly emotional seek the help of a professional therapist to help you navigate your feelings and supervise your health. In addition, implement the following things to help you move past your pain.

1. First things first: Learn Who YOU are and expand your Self awareness

Your thoughts ultimately manifest into the relationships and  successes and failures that you experience in your...

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