Logical Limitations versus Living Your Relationship Dreams

“If God had meant man to fly, he would have given him wings.”
-Bishop Milton Wright 

Bishop Milton Wright, the founder of Huntingdon College in Huntingdon, Indiana, in the quote above, pointed out in a sermon he delivered in 1890 what he believed to be a self-evident truth. Self-evident truths are usually logical and practical.

Some people though, are not good at accepting limiting, and supposedly self-evident truths. There are those who prefer to do the impossible, like two of Bishop Wright’s sons, who thirteen years later built and flew the first successful, man powered, heavier-than-air flying machine. You have heard of them, their names were Wilbur and Orville.

It is difficult to go against the current and say “NO, I don't believe in limitations.” and “YES, I will believe in the dreams that fill my heart.”    I am not saying that simply believing is enough, especially when it comes to relationships. Why? Because believing without action doesn’t make things happen. But I do have a question?

“Is it truly possible to BELIEVE, truly BELIEVE in your dreams, without taking the necessary steps to make them come true?”  I don’t think so. Because if we truly believe that our dreams are possible, then there would be nothing that could stop us from claiming the JOY of living them! If you have a dream that your relationship could be all you dream it can be, then what actions are you preparing to take to bring your dream to reality?

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Will you be the Bishop and think and speak the logical limitations of your current struggles, or will you behave like his sons and defy all gravity that stands in your way to creating wings to lift you to your dream of a connected, powerful and satisfying relationship?


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